Our Top 3 Teethers

We have been through a lot of teethers in our time. Some have gone the distance and some have not. The teethers available these days are SO much better than when Ava was a tiny tot! I am so impressed with these amazing brands producing the goods for our babes sore gums! I have chosen three teethers, made by talented New Zealanders to review! These teethers are Eli’s absolute favourites and he chews on them basically all day!


HaaKaa Natural Owl Smiling Teether

This one is so amazing! It is 100% pure, natural rubber! I attach this to Eli’s Gobstopper and we are away! He literally can chew on this thing for hours! Perfect for car rides!

Here are some details.

  • One piece of rubber – No cracks or joints! Which means no mould or dirt can get in!
  • No PVC or BPA
  • Literally chemical free! – I know right! Amazing!
  • 100% Biodegradable



RRP – $12.99

You can purchase it here from haakaa.co.nz


Peas in a Pod Orb Teether

The lovely Ash from Peas in a Pod developed this teether not only for gum relief but for sensory play and exploration too. Eli was so intrigued by it when I first introduced him to the teether. He used his hands to look at every part of the teether, he loved the feel of the silicone and the beechwood and when he realised he could put it in his mouth and chew it as well, it instantly became a game changer! Sometimes he won’t let the teether go for hours!

Here are some details.

  • Made with silicone and beechwood
  • 3D design
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Comes in a cotton drawstring bag



RRP – $25

You can purchase it here from peasinapod.bigcartel.com


Helles Teeth Sugar Skull

This teether has been through the wars with Eli’s teeth and gums and has survived. It is hands down my fave for when Eli is so cranky and upset about his hurting gums. It relieves them instantly and he is just so happy to chew and get all of those different textures all up in his grill. A must have for every baby!

Here are some details.

  • Food grade silicone – BPA free
  • No detachable parts
  • Easy to sterilise and keep clean
  • Flexible and durable




RRP – $18

You can purchase it here from hellesteeth.com


You cannot go wrong with any of these three teethers, I cannot recommend them enough!

Emma x






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